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New Layout :: Just thoughts
yellow - ari gear
Switched from my pink colored layout to this stunning new theme.
All thanks and credits go to:  F R U I T   S T Y L E

Made a very long post at my REVERIE.SPOT

I've been infront of this computer the whole day now and it somewhat feels like I'm imprisoned in this dark room. I really wish to have a loptop someday. I think I'll be great surfing the net and doing things you used to do in the computer using a loptop, anytime anywhere.

I opened the window to atleast let a little sunlight in. The clouds are very lovely today to the point that I took some pictures of them. I also changed my music into something intrumental like the midi types. And how I miss hearing - reflecting upon its sweet melody.

Know what? I feel so timid again this afternoon. I left 2 more page of comments to be replied at my imeem. hhe.. will be dealing with it sooner or later I guess. To think about it, tomorrow will be Jan-Jan's birthday (a classmate of mine) and I still haven't made him anything yet.. Yep.. I'm that lazy today.

~ Kimochi.. instrumental musics are indeed very relaxing -


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