Season's Greeting

 - Wishing everyone another fruitful year to come! :) -

Aishiteruze Baby episode 22

The best episode I've EVER watched in this anime so far and it made me laugh SO HARD! xD
I guess guys like Satsuki-kun in the anime are indeed my type *-*~
I also look up to Kubata-san; a model at her very young age, Satsuki's classmate and has a crush on him. I wish to be like her... somehow ^^;

- Here's the episode LINK -



Prelims exams Ends TODAY!
Finally I can spend my whole time with my computer!
I feel a little drowsy at the moment... I think all my glycogen was suck during the finale day of our exams (which is today) and I can already feel the weight my eye bags.
Nonetheless thank God school's over and Christmas Eve's fast approaching.

Today I took a few graphics from Misako-chan :3 and I find her as one of the great icon makers here in LJ. She has a superb talent in coloring and I just love the way how she unlishes her style's on her graphics.

- Tomorrow its either I will take a whole day off with everything or I'll start working on my responsibilities...again..

CURRENTLY: Into watching Kaze no Stigma & Aishiteruze Baby

New Layout :: Just thoughts
yellow - ari gear
Switched from my pink colored layout to this stunning new theme.
All thanks and credits go to:  F R U I T   S T Y L E

Made a very long post at my REVERIE.SPOT

I've been infront of this computer the whole day now and it somewhat feels like I'm imprisoned in this dark room. I really wish to have a loptop someday. I think I'll be great surfing the net and doing things you used to do in the computer using a loptop, anytime anywhere.

I opened the window to atleast let a little sunlight in. The clouds are very lovely today to the point that I took some pictures of them. I also changed my music into something intrumental like the midi types. And how I miss hearing - reflecting upon its sweet melody.

Know what? I feel so timid again this afternoon. I left 2 more page of comments to be replied at my imeem. hhe.. will be dealing with it sooner or later I guess. To think about it, tomorrow will be Jan-Jan's birthday (a classmate of mine) and I still haven't made him anything yet.. Yep.. I'm that lazy today.

~ Kimochi.. instrumental musics are indeed very relaxing -

Anime DVDs Galore~
yellow - ari gear
Ne... i just bought 3 dvds today. ^^
I was really planning to buy 5 namely; Lovely Complex, Bokura ga Ita, Romeo x Juliet, Kare Kano & D.gray-man.
But what I only bought are the anime series; Romeo x Juliet, Honey & Clover and La Corda d'Oro. Haha way far from the desired list ^^;

Well the thing was o.o Lovely Complex was bought by my bestfriend and she's planning to barter it with me and my Fate Stay Night DVD. So yeah.. it would be a waste if i would still buy L.C -.-'

Bokura ga Ita wasn't functioning properly during the test and uhmm.. Kare Kano, I had already watched the episodes ^^;  I just want the anime for my own craving and same reason goes to Bokura ga Ita too. D.gary-man? I actually forgot about it T.T Still thinking whether to buy the dvd or not.

I got the money from my grandmother since she insisted x_x Doubtful but happy i was at the same time cause i can finally buy some of the dvds I love. SssHh.. I'm constantly hiding the DVDs from father ^^; Don't worry I'll repay all my debts through my studies =D

First Post! :3
yellow - ari gear
Finally have a Livejournal account! :3
My official blog:  ** REVERIE.SPOT **
I'm currently downloading a GBA game, Pocket Dogs. 00:38 secs left before i can finally open the game.
Oh~ and by the way today is my sister's BIRTHDAY! Special regards to my dear sister Sam. =3

I don't know what am I supposed to do with this account but I'm glad having it! =) I've been a free lancer browsing around LJ since 2006. And now, I finally made up my mind to have an account.

hmm.. what else.. I'm supposed to be studying at this very moment but yeah.. Mr. laziness and attacking me again xD Nonetheless *YEYS* for my first post ^.~
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